Every Single Mile

alloneswhen i glanced down at the truck’s odometer and saw that every digit was a 1, i had to pull over. it reminded me of the time i was riding around with phil hawthorn in his dad’s cadillac. we watched the numbers on the odometer right when they hit 91,000 miles. when the last zero rolled up, phil started singing the theme to the tonight show.

6 Responses to Every Single Mile

  1. that was cool. where was phil? have you heard from him?

    • i talked to phil when second mile went to colorado for a music conference and that was a freakishly long time ago (14 years ago maybe) and then we talked one more time when i got back. i’m not sure i know how to get hold of him.

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMEwd_jqG9E
    Made me think of this song.

    P.S. Say that reminds me, ever year of that band Every Second Meel?

    • i’ve heard TROUT FISHING IN AMERICA, but i’ve never heard THAT song! and somehow i knew you were gonna bring up MAN FISH aka SECOND MILE

  3. hear, hear.

  4. are you 2 sure you’re not twins? you speak a language of your own!

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