The Only One

shortylast night i was listening to my favorite podcast like a little kid when i found out i won a book! a few weeks ago the hosts of stuck in the 80′s played a short clip of an old TV show intro. they invited listeners to email the name of the show & then be entered into a drawing to win an autographed copy of 80s redux: your favorite musicians today. i figured out the clip was from AfterMASH, and entered the drawing. when i heard the podcast host say¬†only one person got it right i squealed like a little girl.

2 Responses to The Only One

  1. Congrats, next time we see you, tell us all about 80′s redux. I hope your excitement doesn’t ruin your Dad image! But then again it will probably just make you more real.

  2. Staying away from pastels, shoulder pads and perms can help reduce 80′s redux. Or your doctor may prescribe medication.

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