Labor Day Soundtrack

WXPN_radio_station_studio-e1469454642191most of the customers i saw yesterday at homer’s were off for labor day. i went into DJ mode & told chloĆ© we should play appropriate songs for the holiday since we still had work. now don’t get me wrong– it was cool that i got to sleep in because the shop opened much later than usual, but work is still work. here’s a song medleyy that echoed our sentiments.

2 Responses to Labor Day Soundtrack

  1. Jim said he was glad you gave recognition to the fact it was Labor Day. Nobody we talked to even mentioned it. The first song that came to my mind was Yackety Yack. (sp?) Take out the papers and the trash, or you don’t get no spending cash. Was that before your time?

  2. haha, that song came out before i was born, but thanks to HAPPY DAYS & america’s fascination w/the 50′s, i remember it quite well.

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