Rainy Dog, Flexy Hands

raindogswhat?! there she is again! jackie denning is a local artist that has surprised me two times in about 20 years. the first time it was the 1990′s & she was working at mildred’s coffeehouse. i was dropping off a flier for my band, the raindogs. it didn’t have any artwork on it. jackie drew a dog with an umbrella, and before she signed it, i said “you’re jackie denning!” i had already seen her artwork around kansas city, so it was easy to recognize her distinctive style. sometime later she told me she was moving to the east coast.reflexologylast month was the second time jackie’s work caught me off guard. i was at the fairman’s farewell art show, and next to their paintings was a collection of jackie denning t-shirts. i found out she had moved back to kansas city, and was making art again. we left the gallery with a fairman painting & a denning t-shirt.

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