Your Favorite 80′s Band… And You!

Screenshot_2018-07-11 David Cedillo Jrmolly posted this link on my facebook wall. it’s a list made by one of the writers at mcsweeney’s that says “what your favorite 80′s band says about you.” here’s a little sample:80sbandsezaboutyou– after reading the list, i shared it with brad williams, one of the hosts of stuck in the 80′s, and he replied:Screenshot_2018-07-11 Brad Williams, i shared pt 1 with Steve Spears - David Cedillo Jr

3 Responses to Your Favorite 80′s Band… And You!

  1. Isn’t it sad I can’t remember a band name that impressed me in the 80′s. I do remember Don Williams and Rusty old Halo, and a few other country singers! Does that count?

    • it’s not sad that those names didn’t stick to your brainwall, mom. i understand, and yeah i think those old country songs count– but it was hoyt axton (not don williams) who sang rusty old halo, haha! don williams sang tulsa time.

  2. Lars Fessenton

    You’re both wrong. Don Williams was the goofy deputy in the old Andy Griffins show “Pillsbury BR549″.

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