The Week With Sara II

CROPPED8thgradenatlarchivesthe first two pics are from the glenwood arts theater where we saw won’t you be my neighbor, the movie about mr. rogers. later when sara saw a poster for a bo burnham movie, she said, “i didn’t know he directed a movie!” the last pic is outside the bolender center where we attended the fringe festival & saw a cool aerial acrobatic show.

2 Responses to The Week With Sara II

  1. those are great pictures. especially the one where you all look so happy. Darla and the girls were here yesterday and Sara said she had a great time with you and Jenny. I think I heard a good review on 8th grade. (or was it a bad one? I think it was good!) :)

  2. In the top picture she looks like Steve. The middle looks like Darla; in fact, I had to do a double take. The last one looks like Sara.

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