The Old Midwest

thethreshersyoung francis young was knee high to a toad suck when his family bought a used steam belt thresher. they didn’t really know what it was for or how to operate it. the on/off switch was easy to find, but the thing didn’t come with a manual. the engine died a few times before it actually maintained a decent chugging idle. when the conveyor belt spun wildly on the pulleys, ma young knew someone was gonna lose a finger.

3 Responses to The Old Midwest

  1. and probably did. Jack & Dotty, Jim & I went to an old tractor show and saw many types of old tractors working. even one of these. very interesting.

  2. Lars Fessenton

    …and they all lived uncomfortably ever after in a giant hay stack.

  3. The only thrasher we ever knew at home was the ‘talacho’ ( a pick on one end and a horizontal axe on the other).

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