Memory Lane Via Glendale Street

outsidejenny went out for dinner w/a friend last night, so i went driving around olathe & saw that our old duplex on glendale is available to rent! it was the first place we lived in as a married couple 30 years ago. the cost of living has gone up since 1988 & the rent for this place is $700 a month now. i think we paid about $265 a month. jenny wants me to remind the blog readers (all 3 of you) that we only had the left side of this house to ourselves: 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 600 square feet. below are some interior pics. all images provided by sederson management co.livingroomkitchenbedroombathroom

7 Responses to Memory Lane Via Glendale Street

  1. I remember that place. 600 ft. seems small but when you consider the kitchen and bathroom are not big rooms, it was plenty big.
    It sure wouldn’t qualify for a “tiny house”

  2. Lars Fessenton

    A lot of good songs and some pretty good tea came out of there.

  3. I remember going there. Is it 700 per side? Also, did you have to share the kitchen? I know the duplex at Baldwin park had its

  4. Had its own kitchen. That was the place we had before we were in the house with the earth quake and the bouncy bounce heister.

  5. The kid in a diaper that said he was going to borrow your blue bouncy ball with the handle on top that i caught trying to sell it to a neighbor kid across the street near the first duplex we lived in.

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