Let’s Get Small

tinysarasara is staying with us for a week, and we couldn’t be happier. on our first day together we: jammed on guitar & ukulele, walked by a drum circle in loose park, played catch, ate tasty yogurt, and sniffed all the pine cones at antioch acres!

5 Responses to Let’s Get Small

  1. Isn’t she the cutest little thing. we are so proud of her and her determination to learn how to play the ukulele all on her own. you all will have a great time. are you bringing her home?

  2. That’s great. Looks like my old guitar amp which I still have.

  3. Lars Fessenton

    Will the album be released in time for Christmas? And this should be the cover.

  4. There is little to be said

  5. Lars Fessenton

    Is that the album title? It’s a great one!

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