Herman Family Reunion 2018

jennyandandi70syesterday i woke up in marengo, IA after thunderstorms took the edge off the triple digit heat index. it was the last day of the 46th annual herman family reunion. reminders of years past (like this pic of jenny & andi in the 1970′s) were all around the 4-H hall where the family gathers. we circle up for spaghetti and hot slaw on friday night, circle up for lunch and dinner on saturday, count to see how many hermans made it, sing, pray, and eat. oh yeah, the auction raised over $3,000 this year despite a low turnout. i’m still a herman every fourth of july weekend, couldn’t be prouder!

2 Responses to Herman Family Reunion 2018

  1. looks just like them, I knew it right away. I know you’re having a great time. be careful coming home.

  2. we got home yesterday around 4:30 in the afternoon mom.

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