Even This Riff Goes Beep!

TVpetergunni brought beep goes the weasel to the herman family reunion so the kids could make music on celery, bell peppers, and bananas. no one was more surprised than i was when we figured out how to play theĀ peter gunn theme! in this recording, jenny’s little cousin jaden is playing the two high sustained notes while i play the other part. the first time i heard this catchy riff was when i watched the blues brothers. then few years later a video game designer used it for spy hunter.

One Response to Even This Riff Goes Beep!

  1. Wonderful things can happen when you try to make music. I remember how proud you were when you came home and played the stars and stripes forever with your hands. Also, you and i think Darla had all the armed forces songs memorized. I’ve got to get that on a permanent recording. I think i have it on cassette.

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