Don’t Give A Bug A Chance

justpestcontrolwhat does it mean when an exterminator promotes just pest control? is he trying to express that he’s an honest guy who plays by the rules when he fights all of the the six legged enemies in my house? is he gonna be an impartial softie that allows some of the rodents to live? is he gonna be fair to the ants, roaches, and crickets that i paid him to exterminate? poor michael erwin… he just wanted to make a few bucks as a just pest controller. i don’t think he has the stomach to terminate with extreme prejudice.

One Response to Don’t Give A Bug A Chance

  1. don’t let him know about Sara’s pet praying mantis. She calls it Man Man. She is very proud of him and takes his abode very seriously. he has grown in size and therefor graduated in size of abode.

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