Another Day Another Dave

daveloftonour good friend dave lofton was in town yesterday. he crashed at our house last night, and we talked over coffee this morning. it was a pleasant visit, but i don’t always leave myself open to opportunities to hang out with friends. sometimes i have anti-social tendencies, and i start resembling a hermit. i almost resisted the idea of having company over, but then dave walked in the front door and it felt like 1986 all over again.

3 Responses to Another Day Another Dave

  1. we should always make time for old friends and I’m proud you fought that hermit tendency. There’s nothing like seeing an old friend to make us remember how blessed we are to know they want to spend time with us.

    • you’re so right mom, and fighting a hermit tendency is like trying to keep a bowling ball out of the gutter. i’ve gotta give credit where it’s due & tell you that jenny was the one who pulled me in the right direction this time.

  2. God bless Jenny.

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