A Voice For The Voiceless

everythingisaliveyesterday i woke up without a voice. a few hours later i discovered a brand new podcast called everything is alive. it is “an unscripted interview show in which all the subjects are inanimate objects. in each episode a different thing tells us its life story.” i could barely talk while louis, a can of cola was telling listeners not to tap his head when he falls off a shelf. that type of thing only annoys him.

7 Responses to A Voice For The Voiceless

  1. but at least he doesn’t blow up on Me when I pop his top! can you speak this morning?

  2. Lars Fessenton

    I was a door-knob for 37 hours but I started losing my grip and had to close the door on that period of my life… had I continued I would have become unhinged. I hope I don’t get slammed for this post.

  3. If that’s anything like not being able to hear, I hear you.

  4. Lars Fessenton


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