Two More Saturdays!

rocketseparationa week from this saturday, june 9, motel mancini will make one small tap for man– on the microphone, one giant leap for mankind when they hit the first chord, and then launch into 2 hours of live music at homer’s coffeehouse. big thanks to NASA for providing the rocket image. the weekly¬†countdown for motel mancini’s night at homer’s started almost 10 weeks ago.

7 Responses to Two More Saturdays!

  1. 2 hours WOW! we’re ready

    • well… two hours counting the 15 minute break, so really just a little over an hour and a half. a couple of my songs are pretty short so i shouldn’t make such bold claims! ;)

  2. See if you can record it. I remember and still have the others from second mile.

  3. Lars Fessenton

    Once you factor in stage banter, shuffling charts, tuning, sipping drinks between songs, false starts, finding dropped picks, false stops, arguments about who sucked least on that last tune, broken strings and general over-all confusion, etc. it comes in at about 27 minutes.

  4. Lars Fessenton

    and still no update on homer’s music schedule: \

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