I’ve Been To The Mountain

razorsedgemurray friends, romans, countrymen, lend me your ears… oh wait, you did that already! the turnout of family & friends that came to the motel mancini show saturday night was overwhelming. thanks everyone! plans are already in the works for another day of wine and roses. oh, and a big thanks to my family for cramming in as much food & fun as we did in the course of a weekend!

3 Responses to I’ve Been To The Mountain

  1. You 3 were AWESOME. I was so happy that Darla and girls were able to be there to see & hear MM, and yet another fun side of their Uncle Dave professionally. We were impressed with the mix of music, the relaxed interaction with yourselves & audience presentation. You all have your own style and each is fun and interesting to listen to.

  2. KEEP IT UP, from your #1 fan club

    • thanks mom! i worked w/chloĆ© this morning & she told me that they finished closing at 10:45 that night, but she didn’t care. normally they’re done at 10:30 at the latest. she was glad to hear “don’t dream it’s over” and my original, “bonfire.” really glad you & jim made it up! i’ll post a mixtape of audio from that night so you can hear the highlights again.

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