Heeeere’s What’s New

squeezedPOSTERmany times a customer will ask me “what’s new?” i could go into great detail about family drama or personal medical issues, but most of the time i condense my reply for them. here is a condensation:
–warhol-esque fliers for motel mancini’s upcoming gig at homer’s
–new strings on my acoustic guitar
–when asked “what kind of music do you guys play?” my answer will be: “the entire soundtrack to breakfast at tiffany’s & more cold war favorites than you can aim a missile at”

2 Responses to Heeeere’s What’s New

  1. yea, people ask me what kind of music you play too! now I know what to tell them. breakfast at Tiffany’s soundtrack & cold war favorites. if the look at me puzzled, I’ll look back at them like they’re ill-informed. ;)

  2. Lars Fessenton

    Mis-information is always the best policy.

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