Beat The Heat & Go Beep Thursday!

lackman librarywhat happens when you put together:
1 piano made from 12 vegetables
1 theremin with 39 sound effects
a bunch of kids from 4 – 14 years old
you get BEEP GOES THE WEASEL at the ¬°Adelante! Read! Summer program at Central Resource Library Thursday afternoon from 1-3pm!!! if you want to learn how to play Smoke On The Water or the Star Wars theme on carrots & celery, we’ll be waiting for you!

2 Responses to Beat The Heat & Go Beep Thursday!

  1. you’re doing this outside? OMGOODNESS!

    • no no no! we’ll be inside the makerspace. that picture is from a couple of years ago outside the lackman library. it was cloudy & nice that day.

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