Tomato Red Time Machine Van

tomatoredvantuesday i saw a van across the street from homer’s that gave me flashbacks. it looked just like the one i drove in the late 1980′s. back then i delivered donuts before the sun came up. chris mull would join me when he couldn’t sleep. we would ride around industrial parks from 5 – 8 in the morning eating donuts, drinking coffee, and rocking out to the classic rock hits of 101.1 FM. flash forward to the present: it’s 30 years later & now i work on mondays making coffee before sunrise with chloĆ©… chris’ daughter.

4 Responses to Tomato Red Time Machine Van

  1. Lars Fessenton

    From the darkness of his subterranean lair Dave’s alarm pierces the solitude. “Is it 4:30 A.M. or 4:30 P.M.?”, he asks to no one in particular.
    A reply that sounds like it came from a pillow with cotton-mouth mumbles, “A.M.”

  2. after reading the comments, you 2 are weird. Jim says, where does all that stuff come from?

    • sometimes truth is stranger than fiction mom. chris was just going back in time w/me. i was working two jobs back then. one at 5am and one at 4:30pm, and i lived in an unfinished basement with very little light coming in from the outside. sometimes i woke up honestly not knowing whether it was AM or PM. if chris was there it was morning and i had to go work at olathe donut & pastry, if the late afternoon DJ came on when my alarm went off i was supposed to go to work at king radio. tell jim all that stuff comes from real life experience.

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