Spencer Sights & Sounds

FULLundulationlast sunday josh fairman & i set up beep goes the weasel for day of creativity at the spencer museum of art in lawrence, ks. folks who attended were encouraged to “explore the intertwined relationships of art, science, people, and the plant world”
- from the field guide brochure
our table had carrots, bananas, spinach leaves, and a theremin. it got noisy from time to time, but every once in awhile a melody would break out. there was also an interactive display of plant molecules (pic above) just a few feet away.

5 Responses to Spencer Sights & Sounds

  1. Lars Fessenton

    Let us not forget the lowly Cleavage Furrow without which none of this would be possible.

  2. what in the heck is a cleavage furrow Lars?
    is this the first time Josh helped out at one of these functions?

  3. Lars Fessenton

    I stand corrected but then again, I’ll stand for just about anything.
    Plant cells have walls, so cytokinesis cannot proceed with a cleavage furrow. Instead, during telophase a cell plate forms across the cell in the location of the old metaphase plate.

  4. oh, okay I understand perfectly now.

  5. Looks like brains, caviar and frog egg. I know the difference between boobs and plant cells by now.

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