Last Ditch Effort

the following is an exchange between president bartlet and his daughter after her college graduation. it’s from one of my favorite tv shows, the west wing:01 would you consider “Would you consider… instead of living in France with your boyfriend for 3 months… uhhh… staying here, living in your room and working as a candy striper? or surfing?”02 a candy striper“a candy striper???”03 we could stay up and watch moviesor surfing! You could spend the summer working at a pet shop, we could play yahtzee, and watch movies at night–”04 what fantasy“Dad, what fantasy is it that’s going through your head right now?”05 what daughters would do “what daughters would do their whole lives if I had my way.”

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  1. Lars Fessenton

    This entry has a real sheen to it.

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