Esther & Sheila

estherandsheilawhitecame across a photo from the white haven lobby. esther and sheila white were interviewed for a story about the white haven in 2010. by that time they had sold the business, but it stayed in operation for two more years. it’s still hard for me to believe this cool retro motor lodge is gone. walking into a room was like going back in time. esther credited her brother-in-law gene as “the creative one” when it came to decorating rooms. in that same interview she said, “He’s a shopaholic. If he saw something that he thought would look good in one of the rooms, he bought it.”

2 Responses to Esther & Sheila

  1. Lars Fessenton

    Nothing ties a room together like a 6′ wooden eagle.

  2. I remember that eagle. in fact it was the first thing you would see when you went to check in. I miss that place and the tiny showers. I always felt I was going back in time when we stayed there.

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