Motel Mancini… It’s A Band!

hazelwell the carpets are clean, beds are made, the drapes are dusted, and there are plenty of towels. that means motel mancini is almost ready to turn on the VACANCY sign at homer’s! what is motel mancini you ask? it’s not actually a motel– it’s an acoustic trio made up of myself, chris mull, and clay vinyard. together we’re gonna play originals and covers that you may not remember right away, but after awhile you might go “oh yeah! wait, hold on… who did this?” we’ll dim the lights & grab our guitars june 9 (that’s a saturday) 7:30pm at homer’s coffeehouse. mark it on your calendars now!

2 Responses to Motel Mancini… It’s A Band!

  1. thanks for securing that date, it will be fun. big weekend for us! maybe we can bring the girls.

  2. Lars Fessenton

    i guess after the old guy takes his dump hazel can clean it up.

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