Up Above Our Heads

henrymemattmatt hawkins and his son henry jammed with me after a wednesday night church service yesterday. henry used to bang on a toy guitar, and pretend to play with the church band when he was 5 or 6. now he’s in middle school & banging out chords for real on a keyboard! the song we’re going to play sunday isĀ up above my head by sister rosetta tharpe. we had a blast practicing, but then i told the guys, “that song is gonna be stuck in your head for the rest of the night!”

4 Responses to Up Above Our Heads

  1. I just finished reading Go Tell It On The Mountain by James Baldwin. Thank God the black spirituals may have been the only hope they had in Harlem. And even that was a hard life.

  2. I remember a lady in S. San Gabriel Nazarene Church that played a mean honky tonk style hymn. Everybody would try to stay up with her when she played those peppy ones.

  3. her name was Nancy Van Gosbeck. we loved her piano playing.

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