Russian Roulette Jelly Beans

01backandfacelast sunday warren brought andrew over for another guitar lesson. afterward we ate pizza & salad. for dessert andrew said “let’s eat bean boozled jelly beans!” apparently these jelly beans have good and bad flavors in identical colors, and you don’t know what’s what until you start chewing. for example a yellow jelly bean can taste like buttered popcorn or a rotten egg. i bit into that one (popcorn) after spitting out a white one that tasted like spoiled milk. andrew got 3 bad ones before he chewed on a strawberry banana smoothie flavor. it was either gonna taste like that or dead fish according to the back cover of the box. warren got 3 good ones before he bit into the barf bean.

2 Responses to Russian Roulette Jelly Beans

  1. Never eaten them. Probably kill me if
    I did, but I’d sure like to be there.

  2. yuk, why would anyone subject themselves to something like that. if you had the urge to eat a rotten egg, drink spoiled milk or lick up barf, just go do it and see how you like it. makes absolutely no sense.

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