Fast & Loose

paulandjohnsongwriting can be treacherous… like playing with a cat that might draw blood if you tease him enough. sometimes the words and music to a song are like the contents of a shaken soda can– they just spew out, and you hope you can catch some of it before it fizzles away. here is something that chris mull & i caught friday afternoon:

You don’t need four wheels if you’ve got two feet
On Santa Fe or 80th Street
There’s art on the walls, songs in the air
If you want something cool, you can find it right here

We’re all lucky… to be local
on third Fridays in Old OP

If it’s warm we’re outside, when it’s cold we go in
we did it last year and we’ll do it again
Penny paints trees, Kitch carves them up
the veggies go beep and sometimes it gets rough

but we’re lucky… to be local
on third Fridays in Old OP

We go from strangers to friends in this part of town
we drink the same coffee, we walk the same ground
I’ll look out for you you can look out for me
when I’m walking to work down the same street

When the traffic lets up it’s time to go home
we put stuff away and turn off the phone
but in a month we’ll be back with something new
I can’t help but smile when I think about it too

We’re all lucky… to be local
on third Fridays in Old OP

One Response to Fast & Loose

  1. That’s very true, son. Enjoy your youth and friends and experiences while you can, but remember the wisdom that comes from the Lord (prov. 3:13-14) and the happiness that you have in your family(prov. 5: 15-20).

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