What It Means To Be John Boy

richard-thomas-as-john-boysometimes at homer’s, a customer will order a drink, and go straight to the bathroom… and sometimes it takes awhile for the customer to re-emerge. if his drink is made before he comes out of the bathroom, the barista will call out his drink (or his name) a few times before moving on to another task. yesterday i decided that the bathroom-goer needs a code name to let others know his whereabouts. he will now be referred to as john boy. we won’t actually call out “john boy!” but if a co-worker asks me “where is that guy? doesn’t he know his drink is ready?” i’ll just say “oh that drink? that’s for john boy.” if it’s a girl, she’ll be called loo lou.

3 Responses to What It Means To Be John Boy

  1. oh Davy, that’s funny. good to put life into your work. I’ll bet that went over good with co-workers.

  2. Just be glad you don’t have a guy named Sue.

  3. Good night Mama Woman, good night Daddy Man.

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