The YJ’s Vibe

a couple of weeks ago i went downtown after my tuesday morning shift. i was checking out the kc public library for an art project i wanna do. if i get funding, it will involve an 8-bit phoenix and the star wars theme. later that day i ate lime chicken and dirty rice at YJ’s. i hadn’t been to the crossroads for lunch in awhile. anytime i go there, i’m giving in to an urge to eat at my favorite funky dive, and exist in an alternate reality.

2 Responses to The YJ’s Vibe

  1. Glad you went there during the day. it worries me when you go at night. Jim remembers when you took us there. he was NOT comfortable with that visit, and still talks about it at times. :)

  2. i loved it when i could go there after midnight! they close at 10pm now.

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