The Mortified Guide

TMG-105-The-Mortified-Guide-to-POP-CULTURE-naomi-e1514518199595woooooo!!! this time next week the latest incarnation of mortified will be on netflix! feb. 14 look for the mortified guide: a series of real people sharing real stories from diaries and journals they wrote while growing up. i’ve been listening to their podcast on for years now & sharing audio bits from time to time. heck, type “mortified” in my search bar (over there to the right between beep goes the video and recent posts), and you can check out past entries that go back to 2015.

3 Responses to The Mortified Guide

  1. Sorry, son, but I have to change my reply of three years ago to the first mortified video. I’m mortified, after over 40 years of teaching and subbing, that kids are too lazy to write and take any other available way out. Bottom line. Don’t worry tho; I’ll watch the other ones and give my (honest) comment.

  2. 11/16/16 was good. Kids are wise.

  3. 5/5/16-Smoldering Joe- Ok- I’ve read enough. Thanks for the education, son.

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