My Newest Guitar Student

chainsaw andrewandrew is my newest guitar student. today was our second time to get together. we recapped the last lesson, and he correctly played an E minor chord, a two fingered A chord and the riff to smoke on the water. since the last time i saw him, he also started teaching himself the opening riff to michael jackson’s beat it, and seven nation army by the white stripes. after that i showed him how to play a D, an A minor, and the riff to secret agent man. when he picked up the toy chainsaw, i knew the lesson was over.

5 Responses to My Newest Guitar Student

  1. you’re pretty observant son, that’s why you’re the teacher. who’s son is andrew?

  2. I guess I’gotta take a few lessons from you on how to be a ‘hep guitar teacher.

  3. mom: that is warren’s son
    dad: whatever it takes for us to jam together again, let’s do it!

  4. Andrew has the right idea. Musicians have more market value if they can play multiple instruments; guitar/chainsaw, cello/drill-press, keyboard/industrial shredder, etc.

  5. Oh, yea, baby! !Arriba, Arriba, Arriba Cedillo! Whatever it takes; right on, son!

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