“Let Me Entertain You…”

swordfishtrombones-tom-waits-15571716-1024-1024-e1458943434695“…let me make you smile!” this is a line from an old song i barely remember. i’m invoking its memory because earlier this week i needed some entertainment. that came in the form of tom waits on tom waits, a book of his interviews in my bathroom. among his former jobs waits tells an interviewer that he worked as “a labor organizer in a maternity ward,” and that he “rotated tires on a miscarriage.” he also sprinkles in things like “did you know there are only two things you can throw out the window of a moving car? water and feathers. everything else you can get in trouble for.”

3 Responses to “Let Me Entertain You…”

  1. Tom Waite does have a weird sense of humor and sometimes you do to.

  2. I’ve often thrown ideas out the window of a moving car. It’s ok though, they were bad ideas. Gosh, I hope no children picked up my bad ideas along the road.

  3. Oh, also remember you can’t throw mama out the window.

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