We Didn’t Even Turn Into Pumpkins

tomandiggychris texted yesterday morning that he was free to hang out after work– and then the gods of misfortune looked at each other mischievously, rubbed their palms together, and gave him a migraine once he was off the clock. i was cutting up carrot sticks for beep goes the weasel when i got the news. i didn’t get to his house until 10 last night. we settled in, drank tea, planned the rise and fall of civilization, and went back in time watching youtube. i made it back home around 1:00 this morning.

3 Responses to We Didn’t Even Turn Into Pumpkins

  1. Did it cause you to time warp back to Sanderson’s Lunch?

  2. I remember as a child imagining the adventures I would have one day drinking tea and watching YouTube. See kids, dreams really can come true!

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