Upside Down Boom!

boomgot my hand stamped at tapcade last week. it’s probably the most legible stamp i’ve ever gotten there. this pic was a challenge because (1) i had to snap it with my left hand (2) i used a mirror (3) i wanted to keep the camera out of the shot, while looking at the lens.

5 Responses to Upside Down Boom!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS, it appears you got 2 out of 3 right, but isn’t your BOOM fist connected to your left arm? it appears you had to use your right hand to take the picture. maybe I’m confused, I did just wake up. so cotton pickin cold here.

    • it’s a mirror image mom, imagine me standing in front of the mirror. the right hand in the mirror looks like the left hand.

  2. Only you could come up with something so simple un-understandable. You almost look as mean as the preacher on night of the hunter. Was that one stamp or four different letter stamps, because the M looks like you stamped upside down and then stamped another right-side up one, over lapping it.

  3. Or maybe it was a W and you stamped an M next to it.

    • haha, dad, that was just one stamp. when you pay $5 at tapcade, they stamp your hand so you can play all the video games you want. i go there because they are all the games i used to play: space invaders, dig dug, galaga, robotron, tetris, popeye, etc.

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