The Butt Chin

drewandme2009an old friend, and one time loyal homer’s customer posted something nostalgic on facebook. it was a drawing that her daughter made 9 years ago. in 2009 emily was 6 years old, and was a well behaved cute little girl. drew ryan and i used to work a lot of afternoons together, and we saw emily and her mother cyndi quite often. one time they came when we weren’t working, and emily drew a picture because she missed us. she saw me as a pirate because i always wore a bandana, and was unshaven most days… but god only knows how she came up w/drew’s butt chin.

3 Responses to The Butt Chin

  1. that’s sweet. if I found some of your old drawings when you were 3, would you post them?

  2. I’ll start looking

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