Sideways Drifter

drifting sequenceyesterday after church, josh and i went sliding around in a few parking lots. then later, i took his brother wes out for a spin. the kids call this drifting. when i was growing up it was just skidding. most people have front wheel drive, and if they want to drive a car like a sled, they have to do it in reverse. controlled skidding is one of my favorite things about having rear wheel drive. the pics above are from a video that josh posted on snapchat. he titled it: average day w/the uncle.

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  1. I call it slip sliding away. how much snow did you get? we got enough to be pretty when we got out of church. the roads melted pretty quick. when I got up this morning, we were blanketed with 3-4″ we’re guessing. sure is pretty and I pray everyone’ssafe.

    • hey mom, we only got a couple of inches & the roads melted up here too, but the parking lots were perfect for “truck sledding!”

  2. I remember “drifting” on the 605 freeway on my way to IML freight. That wasn’t much fun in the rain, especially when a cop knocked on my window and asked me if i was ok and said “the same thing happened to me a ways back”. We are very lucky, son.

  3. oh Dave I remember that. you were in the bug. you spun several times. you’re right we’re all very lucky. God loves us and keeps us safe.

  4. weren’t the tires bald on that bug? i remember you two telling me that.

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