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richardandbillin the mid 1990′s there was a movie based on an old tv show called the fugitive. after i saw the movie with my grandmother, i went back and watched the original series. that show aired for 4 seasons, and every night Dr. Richard Kimble used a different alias! here are just a few: James Lincoln, Jim Fowler, James Sheldon, Jeff Cooper, Ray Miller, Joseph Walker, and Al Fleming. i only know ONE other tv character that had to use a different name every week: the incredible hulk’s alter ego, Dr. David Banner. he wasn’t nearly as creative. his aliases were: David Barr, David Benton, David Bishop, David Bradburn, David Braynard, and David Brown. personally, i only use an alias when i sing karaoke. i’m either leon or otis.

Upside Down Boom!

boomgot my hand stamped at tapcade last week. it’s probably the most legible stamp i’ve ever gotten there. this pic was a challenge because (1) i had to snap it with my left hand (2) i used a mirror (3) i wanted to keep the camera out of the shot, while looking at the lens.

Do Ya Feel Lucky, Punk?

revengeofclinteastwoodclint eastwood’s film debut was in 1955′s revenge of the creature. he pulls a mouse out of his lab coat in the few seconds that he’s onscreen. i know this because i checked out conversations with clint from the library. it’s a book of lost interviews with the screen legend. i found out some other cool stuff too: he’s actually clint eastwood jr., and neither of us have middle names.

Timing & Patience

martinsheenlurksjust like martin sheen waiting for his moment to strike in apocalypse now, i’ve been anticipating the return of beep goes the weasel! on jan. 19th i’ll join forces with artist, chris frye at salon kitch located at 7333 W 80th St. chris will bring the cool art, and i’ll bring the weird beeps around 6pm.

The Pea Coat

Style-in-film-Robert-Redford-in-Three-Days-Of-The-Condor-1yesterday i was at mickey’s surplus again (3rd time in two weeks!), just browsing at the usual stuff: boots, socks, and camping gear. it always feels like i’m back at shank’s in joplin. the weather has warmed up, but i know we might have a few cold snaps coming, so i was looking at jackets. i found a pea coat that looked just like the one robert redford wore in three days of the condor. i bought it. i haven’t worn lapels this big since my mom made shirts for me in oklahoma!

Heeeere’s Johnny!

FBjohnnycarsonalaericjohni can’t take credit for this: my friend eric john found a picture of johnny carson and bob uecker, posted it on facebook, and made comments that i had to share. eric usually makes a flurry of posts right before he goes to bed. i read them right when they are only a few minutes old– and i wake up around 5am!

Do The Hustle

thehustlei listen to a handful of podcasts, and the hustle is one of them. jon amoreaux is the host, and he finds recording artists that haven’t been heard from in awhile, and finds out what they are doing nowadays. the first show i heard was one that featured two guys responsible for the 1982 hit 867-5309: tommy tutone and alex call. i sent jon a facebook message complimenting him on that show, and a few hours later he sent me a message!FBhustlemsg

Satchel Of The Apes

apeplanetsatcheli found a satchel at mickey’s surplus last week. at first i wasn’t sure why the brown leather and green canvas looked familiar to me. then on the drive back home i remembered a color scheme from planet of the apes. for all i know cornelius and zira brought this thing back from the future when they made their escape from the planet of the apes.

Hamill Fisher Ford

hamillfisherfordNFwhen someone asks me if i’ve seen the new star wars movie, i can’t make myself generate much excitement. rogue one was the last decent star wars movie in my opinion, but i’ll never have the same reaction as i did when i saw mark hamill, carrie fisher, and harrison ford in 1977. the first cut is the deepest.

More Guitar Please

newyearsevejamwithbenwe went to josh & christy’s house on new year’s eve, and stayed until midnight. a few hours before the big countdown, ben showed me some cool instruments that he got for christmas. he grabbed his lightning mcqueen guitar, and i went for the keyboard. we turned the volume up to eleven, and rocked out in a most rocktageous way until the authorities came… and then i woke up to someone on TV counting backwards “10, 9, 8, 7…”