Do The Hustle

thehustlei listen to a handful of podcasts, and the hustle is one of them. jon amoreaux is the host, and he finds recording artists that haven’t been heard from in awhile, and finds out what they are doing nowadays. the first show i heard was one that featured two guys responsible for the 1982 hit 867-5309: tommy tutone and alex call. i sent jon a facebook message complimenting him on that show, and a few hours later he sent me a message!FBhustlemsg

3 Responses to Do The Hustle

  1. I remember that song or at least the rythim of saying the numbers.

  2. I didn’t think “rhythm” looked right when I put it in but my spell check didn’t correct me and I was in a hurry. Does that sound like a good excuse for some bad spelling? ;)

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