Another Blustery Day

tony-brandon-the-story-of-winnie-the-pooh-and-the-blustery-day-disneylandit’s more than breezy this morning. wind gusts are predicted to be as high as 38 mph. it’s days like this i’m reminded of a winnie the pooh book my sister and i used to read and listen to. it was one of those disney books with a vinyl record. there was a story on one side, and a song or two on the other. it also rangĀ chimes when you were supposed to turn the page. really windy days are still cool to me because they change physical landscapes, alter the way we walk, and have an effect on what we wear. one gusty day in grade school my friends and i were amazed at how long the wind could hold our jackets against a fence on the playground.

3 Responses to Another Blustery Day

  1. God bless Sterling Holloway.

  2. Our blustery days last all year.

  3. how wonderful your memories are of you in your youth.

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