richardandbillin the mid 1990′s there was a movie based on an old tv show called the fugitive. after i saw the movie with my grandmother, i went back and watched the original series. that show aired for 4 seasons, and every night Dr. Richard Kimble used a different alias! here are just a few: James Lincoln, Jim Fowler, James Sheldon, Jeff Cooper, Ray Miller, Joseph Walker, and Al Fleming. i only know ONE other tv character that had to use a different name every week: the incredible hulk’s alter ego, Dr. David Banner. he wasn’t nearly as creative. his aliases were: David Barr, David Benton, David Bishop, David Bradburn, David Braynard, and David Brown. personally, i only use an alias when i sing karaoke. i’m either leon or otis.

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  1. sounds pretty red neck to me. we would have never chosen those names for you. ;)

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