Uncharted By Chloé

uncharteredbychloelast night homer’s hosted SIP & SHOP, an event where local vendors have booths to show handmade crafts. chloé had a cool jewelry display on the performance stage. she’s been making jewelry for awhile now, and recently finished a college course to study it further. the last time i saw her creative flair she was a teenager making wigs for her dogs. she has come a long way.

One Response to Uncharted By Chloé

  1. it’s hard to believe shy, quiet Chloe is doing this. I would have expected her to be more of a recluse. but then again, why would I think that when she has grown up and from what I see, very sociable and beautiful. hard to see her jewelry but I’ll bet it’s really pretty. I so admire creative people.

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