The Glistening Tree

closeupglistenjenny & i drove to mom & jim’s┬áhouse last night. snow was in the forecast so we bought some sandbags for the truck. we drove through rain the last hour of our trip, and the snow didn’t fall until after midnight. we woke up to see about two inches on the ground, and ice in the trees! merry christmas from joplin.

5 Responses to The Glistening Tree

  1. Wow! It’s 67 here and we’re wearing sweatshirts!

  2. I think i remember that pickett fence and the trailer near it. We took pictures there. Did they sell the trailer?

  3. it’s still there dad. derek (jim’s grandson) is living in it. this picture is taken from the house looking north on highway 43.

  4. Is jim’s workshop still there? I remember it was a garage and he turned it into a workshop.

  5. yep dad, the shop is still there. they rent it out now.

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