My Imaginary Band

x-circa-1982sometimes i wonder if i would have played in a punk band if anybody had asked me to join one. i mean seriously, most of those groups got signed to contracts while the members were still learning to play. if i had known THAT i would have gotten in front of a crowd with a guitar that i didn’t know how to play. here is a song about a fictitious band called the blankomatics. here are the lyrics:
the blood looked real enough
when the drummer fell down
his legs kicked the snare
and his arm hit the cymbal

and when the strobe lights came on
the fog was thick on the floor
the band played songs
no one ever heard before
and everybody stayed
with confusion on their faces

the night
the blankomatics took the stage
everyone looked
much younger than their age

the night
the blankomatics took the stage
no one knew
but they should have been afraid
–ok, these lyrics are NOT biographical, but shouldn’t everyone have a story like this in their past?

4 Responses to My Imaginary Band

  1. Sounds and looks like the scenario that I experienced when i played in my first battle of the bands at the coliseum in el paso before ’62.

  2. why? sounds like a bad dream.

  3. Uh… you DID stand in front of a crowd with a guitar before you knew which end to blow in.

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