Monster In The Mist

return-of-the-giant-monsters-1967-gamerayears ago someone showed me how to record vocal and instrument tracks right on my computer. i went through a prolific phase where any idea that popped in my head would usually turn into a song. here’s one that i did during that period:
he walked like a cat outside the window
he always took his time
at the end of the day
when the sun went down
he was still walkin’
head in the clouds
dreamin’ about
motel neon
desert phone booths
some scratchy records
old arcades…

sometimes he sees it
like a monster in the mist
he knows it’s only real to him
a clap of thunder
and his clothes are getting wet
he knows it’s only real to him

and here’s a track that joshua fairman and i recorded sunday after eating jack in the box tacos & hanging out at the arcade.

2 Responses to Monster In The Mist

  1. I love you son, you’ll never grow up.

  2. That first song and poem, like you and Darla’s first singing debuts, son, was awesome! I have the recordings and I still plan on permanently recording them.

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