Makerspace Revelations

doyouseethelighti’ve had a few revelations during my 4 month residency at the makerspace:
REVELATION #1 most johnson county residents don’t know what a makerspace is.
REVELATION #2 the brave souls who explore the makerspace are like scared swimmers venturing toward the deep end of a pool, but once they jump in, they always come back.
REVELATION #3 my talk and listen teeter totter project resonated with everyone that heard about it. now that i have one actual sized teeter totter & a handful of tabletop teeter totters, the next challenge is to turn a communication workshop idea into a reality.

2 Responses to Makerspace Revelations

  1. That’s great that you can measure your success and gage your progress that way, son.

  2. many wheels turn in our son’s head. the scarey thing is they all turn at one time. keep it up.

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