It’s A Small Small World

smallworldmy cousins in california used to complain & protest before going on the it’s a small world ride at disneyland. by the time it was over they couldn’t get that song out of their heads because it played over and over during the course of the ride… but you know there is so much that we share that it’s time we’re aware it IS a small world after all! i became aware of this fact when i found that the next maker-in-residence is going to be laura spencer! i used to work w/laura back in my radio days at KCUR, and we saw each other again a couple of years ago when she came to one of my beep goes the weasel shows & took pictures for KCUR’s website. laura’s work at the makerspace will involve working in the recording studio doing audio projects.

3 Responses to It’s A Small Small World

  1. Were those the days when you were in Abington?

  2. that song does have a stick toitiveness about it.
    but I believe the words are worthwhile.

  3. dad: what? no! this was when we still lived in CA
    mom: i hope this song doesn’t keep you awake.

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