A Christmas Story Again

christmasstory2017we watched a christmas story with the frierdichs and janouscheks again last night! when we first started the tradition 11 years ago, there were just five of us (mike, connie, christy, jenny, and me) now there are 8! baby kaitlyn’s head isn’t normally that big, josh was taking a panorama shot with his phone, and she widened out. wish i could say the same thing about my fat neck.

2 Responses to A Christmas Story Again

  1. what a great tradition and family to share an evening with. baby doesn’t look like she has a big head and I don’t even notice your neck. it’s a beautiful picture.

  2. All i want for Christmas is to watch all the old movies like that one, long johns, a guitar strap,, and another Grinch sock cap (somebody stole my first one);oh- and for everyone to have a nice Christmas.

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