The Telephone Game

manyphoneboothsi’m in the middle of my 4 month residency at the central resource library’s makerspace. during this time i have laser cut my own cartoons on plywood, wired up flashing lights, and made a 3-D teeter totter. i have also met a lot of cool people who have shown me their projects. the next thing coming soon is a series of workshops. in the first one we’ll stress the importance of expression and how well we listen to each other, and play the telephone game. that’s the one where somebody tells someone next to him/her something that gets repeated to the next person until the last person hears something COMPLETELY different. oh, and for more details on those things mentioned above (plywood cartoons, flashing lights, etc.) check out my journal on days at the makerspace.

4 Responses to The Telephone Game

  1. telephone game sounds like it’s really going to be fun. is there a venue coming up so you’ll have people around to play? it gives me an idea of something we can play at our S.S. class Christmas party.

  2. yes! the library itself is the venue. i hope to have a december date soon.

  3. Sounds like you’re really busy and having fun, son. I’ve got a brainstorm. I was thinking, while you’re in this techno mood (I think I’ve asked you before, but I forgot): would it be possible to put all the old cassette recordings I made since you were about two? Could tjhey could be perpetually saved electronically? I think it would be a great idea to share with the whole family.

  4. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I got it! I got it already! …what was that middle part?

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