The Kids At The Makerspace

little_rascalsit’s always cool when a kid asks me what i’m doing at the makerspace. yesterday i met draven, emory, eden, zion, and asher. they were 3D printing a half lego man, half skeleton & i had just finished drawing, formatting, and laser cutting a cartoon girl on chipboard:01chipboardgirlit was their first time there & they looked at everything with wide eyed wonder. i’m sure they will create something amazing.

2 Responses to The Kids At The Makerspace

  1. just like you. looks like jenny to me.
    did you know that was Darla in the picture you posted?

  2. all of my cartoon girls look like jenny! i never even tried to draw girls before i met her. and yeah, i knew that was darla in there w/buckwheat, alfalfa, and spanky.

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