One Last Time @ Johnny C’s

3hourwaitjohnny c’s pizza is closing for the last time tonight, so last night jenny & i thought we would beat the rush to eat there one more time & say goodbye– we were wrong. everyone else who is going to miss this little dive had the same idea, and there was a line all the way to the door. i don’t know cynthia rojas kernodle, but she has more stamina than me to wait 3 hours for nostalgic pizza.lastnightatjohnnycsjenny and i went inside anyway to say goodbye to the owners, but they were swamped because of the massive throng of customers who began to rain insults and blows on us for cutting in line (just kidding, they really didn’t) so we took pictures of each other instead. gary and elizabeth introduced us to johnny c’s back in the 1980′s, and it’s been one of our favorite places ever since. i’ll miss their video & pinball games. we were lucky to have this little pizza joint for the last 35 years.

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  1. we know what you mean about losing a favorite that’s always been there. we were sad when Mary Lee’s cafe closed. it’s reopened now as Kevin’s cafe, but just not the same.

  2. So sorry we couldn’t join you but at the same time would have been unsuccessful at eating pizza anyway! Johnny C’s has always been our go-to when family was in town. We will really miss it! Thanks to Kathy and Jerry and the staff for all their hard work through the last 35 years.

  3. Wow…just saw this today when I was planning a trip to KC. I used to live in Shawnee in the late 80′s and Johnny C’s was THE place in the Kansas City area for St. Louis style pizza. It’s sad to see that it’s gone.

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