No Static At All

amfm_dialwhen walter becker of steely dan died two months ago, ron “boogiemonster” gerber played a musical tribute to him on his show, crap from the past. it’s been almost a year since i posted anything about ron’s show which airs out of minneapolis, but when i heard this little gem from the late 1970′s, i couldn’t keep it to myself. you’re welcome.

3 Responses to No Static At All

  1. maybe it’s just too early in the morning to appreciate the cap from the past. thank you

  2. mom, the version that got played on the radio all the time had “FM” instead of “AM.” i never heard this version until a few days ago. just think about it “no static at all…” that wouldn’t work for AM.

  3. oh I get it, had to listen a couple of time’s but then I heard it. don’t understand it or how he got that in the song but at least I heard it.

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